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Soo Storm


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BeitragThema: Helpful tip   28.12.11 17:30

just thought i would let people know incase they didn't already (i didn't).

when you log onto the site, near the top right corner there is a button that says view posts since last visit. this will help gm's that haven't been around since the beginning to view the newest unread posts.

the reason i posted this is because it is easy for a team that has been around since the begining to see what posts are unread because it tells you on the left side of each post.

but if a gm took over after the initial start of the league, and if they didn't go through everysingle post (which i don't image you did) then you would always see that there are unread posts to left of the topics like league lounge.

this button will allow you to view all posts since your last visit.
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Desolation Row

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BeitragThema: Re: Helpful tip   28.12.11 18:29

Very clever tip.

You are hot as a pistol of late Brandon.
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Helpful tip
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