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Type of league: Points-based, Head-to-Head keeper league

Number of teams: Ten

Commissioner Duties
: Greg Chapler

Website: ESPN Fantasy

Cost: $60 per year times ten teams = $600.


First Prize Regular Season -- $200
Second Prize Regular Season -- $100
First Prize Playoffs -- $120
Second Prize Playoffs -- $60
Highest Weekly Point Total -- $50
Highest Nightly Point Total -- $50

Fall Draft Date: Slow draft starting the 1st of September.

Order of Draft and Keeper Totals:  Total keepers will be determined by our regular season record.  1st place will hold 10, 2nd place will hold 11, 3rd through 8th place will hold 12 and the 9th and 10th finishers will hold 13.  Draft order will be determined by inverse order of regular season rankings with a weighted lottery based on total losses between the two non playoff teams to determine the order of 1st and 2nd pick.

Note:  In addition to the above keeper totals, all GM's may hold up to 5 players on their farm team.  See below for Farm Team Regulations.

For the September draft, managers must let the commissioner know which players they plan to keep no later than one week before the draft. If they do not, the commissioner will keep the players with the best points totals from the previous season, in descending order.  

Drafting Limitations: Players are eligible to be drafted in our league if they are drafted/signed by an NHL team or have previously played in the NHL and are available in ESPN's list of available players.

Number of Players per Team: 30: On ESPN we start 2 C, 2 LW, 2 RW, 4 F, 5 D, 2 G, and have 13 available bench positions.  Upon completion of the Fall draft, a minimum of 5 players must be farm team eligible.   Subsequent to that, however, a GM may have as many or as few farm team eligible players as he choose.  Also, immediately following the draft, we increase the roster size to 33 which gives GMs some room should they wish to make a 2-1 or a 3-1 style trade. Once the season is completed and keepers must be fixed for the following year, GMs must follow the Keeper Rules listed above.  All position eligibility is based on ESPN ratings.

Length of season: Either 19 or 20 weeks of Head-to-head competition (one-week increments), followed by 6 weeks of playoffs (three rounds of two-week increments).

Scoring: Hybrid scoring is points-based but in a Head-to-Head format. Points are accumulated in the following categories:

For skaters: G (5 points), A ( 5), PIM (0.3), Shots (0.2), +/- (1)
For goalies: W (7 points), SO (7), Saves (0.2), GA (-1)

Each week of competition refers to games played from Monday to Sunday, and managers must make roster changes before the first game of the week for the upcoming week’s match-up, which are then locked in for the duration of that week. GMs receive either a win or a loss at the end of the week based on accumulated points in all of the categories combined.  Tie breakers are to be broken with total goals scored during the match up.

Playoff Seeding and Tie-Breakers:

When our league converts into playoff mode the system automatically generates a seed for each team in the league based on the regular season results. The seeds determine where the system places each team in the playoffs. The primary factors which determine seeds are:

1. Division Winner(s) --- does not apply to our league.
2. Winning Percentage

In the event that two or more teams have the same winning percentage at the conclusion of the Regular Season, and have played the same number of Head-to-Head games between them, the following tie-breaking system determines the seed:

1 - Overall record *
2 - Head-to-head record
3 - Overall points
4 - Division record ---- does not apply to our league.
5 - Overall points-against
6 - Coin

* NOTE: Overall record is based on winning percentage. Therefore, a team that has more losses than another team might have the same winning percentage.

In the event that two or more teams have the same winning percentage at the conclusion of the Regular Season, and have not played the same number of Head-to-Head games between them, the following tie-breaking system determines seed:

1 - Overall record
2 - Overall points
3 - Division record
4 - Overall points-against
5 - Coin Flip

Playoffs: At the end of the season the top eight teams enter the playoffs. In the first round, the team seeded first faces the team seeded eighth, the team seeded second faces the team seeded seventh, the team seeded third faces the team seeded sixth, and the team seeded fourth faces the team seeded fifth. The first round lasts two weeks with roster changes being allowed at the midway point.

The second round features the top surviving seeded team (determined from regular season standings) pitted against the lowest surviving seeded team, and the two teams seeded in the middle play each other. Again, it lasts two weeks and roster changes are allowed at the midway point.

The third and final round pits the two surviving teams against each other for the last two weeks of the NHL regular season. Again, roster changes are allowed at the midway point.

Trades: Trades can happen at any time during the year up to the deadline.  There are no limits on the number of trades a manager can make.

The league is using an ESPN driven Trade Review Period of 24 hours during which time each GM will have an opportunity to vote on the trade. 6 veto votes are required to overturn a trade. NOTE: this rule of veto is only to be used in extreme situations to prevent managers from “stacking” a single roster.

Trading Draft Picks: Apart from players, draft picks in both the January and September drafts are eligible to be traded. Note: Picks that are greater than 4 drafts distant may not be traded.

Trade Deadline: Three weeks prior to the start of our playoffs.  No trades can occur from this date until our fantasy playoffs have concluded.

Multi-player Trades: Lopsided trades where two players are traded for one, or three players are traded for two are allowed. To get around ESPN software limitations we will add three (3) blank roster positions over and above the 30 spots. These three positions will remain unfilled after draft day, but will allow managers to make a 2 for 1 or 3 for 2 player swap without having to first drop a player. It is therefore possible at various points throughout the season for a team to have as many as 33 total players on their roster (including farm team).

For example, if Team 1 trades Gaborik to Team 2 for Comrie and Turris, Team 2 does not have to drop a player before adding these two players.

Waiver pick-ups
: We will introduce the ESPN FAAB for the entire season, thereby eliminating our Winter Draft. Each team will be given $50 to be used towards weekly bidding of free agents.  Player eligibility is as per our Fall draft.  This money does not carry over from one season to the next and may not be involved in trades.  Note:  there is a $2 minimum bid.

Farm Team Regulations

Players are considered eligible for you farm team roster if they have played 82 regular season games or less (41 games for goalies). We will consider stats found on the website to be the final authority on whether a player is eligible or not.

In September of the following year all prospects that have played more than 82 NHL regular season games (or 41 games for goalies) by the end of the NHL playoffs have to be dropped or frozen into one of your keeper slots. Prospects that have not yet played 83 NHL regular season games can be held over as farm team prospects, which is in addition to your allotted number of keeper slots.

Managers can trade for as many farm team prospects as they like, but they should remember that every September they can only protect and carry forward up to five (5) farm team eligible players. Again, any additional prospects will either have to be moved up to the regular team or dropped.

[KHL Rules: In situations where a manager loses a player to the KHL, they will be reimbursed as follows. If that player scored more than 75 points during the previous season, the affected manager will be allotted one extra second round draft pick in the next September draft. If the player scored between 60 and 74 points, the affected manager will be allotted one extra third round draft pick in the next September draft. If the player scored between 45 and 59 points, the affected manager will be allotted one extra fourth round draft pick in the next September draft.  Any picks awarded will occur at the end of the appropriate round.

**If the player is over 30 years of age the team will not receive a pick for the loss**

League Changes: Owners are encouraged to submit proposals for rule adjustments or modifications. Majority vote is required to accept proposed changes.  It is important to recognize that no changes will occur during the course of a fantasy season, but rather during the off season.

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The Current Manifesto
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