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 Fitzsy Stars Trade Block

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Fitzsy Stars

Fitzsy Stars

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BeitragThema: Fitzsy Stars Trade Block   22.03.13 14:28

Hello Everyone,

I am feeling pretty good about my team in the short term, and for the playoffs. But looking beyond that, it's pretty clear that I will have too many quality players for my keeper list. I would be willing to discuss a trade for pretty much my entire roster, with a few exceptions.

Because of this, however, there are some players that would normally never be on the trade block who MIGHT be had for the right combination of high draft pick(s), prospect(s), or the right kind of two-for-one deal.

Here's how I would view my roster:

Pretty much untouchable (might consider moving one of them in the right kind of two-for-one deal where I'm getting a top player back): Stamkos, D. Sed in, Kane, Duchene, Quick

Would need an exceptional return, but would consider moving for the right price (ie. top draft pick+, elite prospect+, part of a two-for-one deal): H. Sed in, Backstrom, Holtby

Would want a very good return, but could consider moving for the right price (ie. excellent draft pick(s), top prospect+, part of a two-for-one deal): Letang, Kopitar, Hiller

Great players that I would move for a reasonable draft pick: B. Richards, Gagner, Wheeler, Kronwall, Voynov

I must repeat that such a trade would have to happen after the playoffs are over. But I know that some are already discussing this, so there's no reason not to open the floor to trade talk.

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Fitzsy Stars Trade Block
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