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Desolation Row

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BeitragThema: Newest Photo   14.01.14 0:38

Good evening Gentlemen.

Matt has reminded me that, as reigning champion, he has the rights to the photo on our forum.
He has sent me this one from his recent adventure in Iceland.

Notice how one of the young creatures is facing the opposite way as the others. Notice how he seems to be peering over his shoulder somewhat even. Mocking the others. Taunting the others. Deriding the others.

That bird on the far left is Matt. This photo signifies his dominance over this league. His alpha male-ness if you will. The original photo had another 6 puffins in it, one for each of the GMs in this league. Due to size restrictions on this forum I had to crop it, but Matt's point is made perfectly clear nevertheless.

And so now we must stare at this photo, day in and day out, as Matt mocks us, until a new champion is crowned.

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Fitzsy Stars


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BeitragThema: Re: Newest Photo   14.01.14 1:17

Damn, Gregger, why did you have to crop the photo.  lol! 
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