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 question about prospects

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Soo Storm


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BeitragThema: question about prospects   31.07.15 2:15

so at end of sep draft u must have 5.

but then the next week with FAAB you could technically drop prospects plus fill your roster from 30 to 33 players?
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Desolation Row

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BeitragThema: Re: question about prospects   31.07.15 11:37

From the Manifesto:

Upon completion of the Fall draft, a minimum of 5 players must be farm team eligible. Subsequent to that, however, a GM may have as many or as few farm team eligible players as he choose. Also, immediately following the draft, we increase the roster size to 33 which gives GMs some room should they wish to make a 2-1 or a 3-1 style trade.

To be truthful, I would like to do away with that draft to 30 then once the draft is finished up we go to 33 business. Once we are done with the current Poll, I would like to suggest a roster size that does not fluctuate. Reduce the confusion.....

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question about prospects
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