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 still can't post on espn

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BeitragThema: still can't post on espn   07.03.10 20:22

90.5 points sitting on the bench during part 1 of this matchup. It would have made this matchup a lot more interesting. I doubt I'll be able to come back from over 100 points in part 2 unless brandon's team collapses. Wish I would have dressed the young guys instead of the older dudes...
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Soo Storm


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BeitragThema: Re: still can't post on espn   07.03.10 22:14

well st. louis looks like a risky start with potential concussion problems so that may help. i also had mccabe on the bench who has like 50 fantasy pts this week, after i saw hortons stats it didn't hurt as bad, good luck the rest of the way jay
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still can't post on espn
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