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 Replacing Keegan

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Fitzsy Stars


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BeitragThema: Replacing Keegan   26.04.10 14:27

Hello Everyone,

Over the last few months we've had a few people ask about including their friends in Nutbars should we lose a manager or expand. Although we have no desire to expand the league at this time, we do have to replace Keegan. Greg's friend John expressed interest a few months ago, so we're going to give him first crack at the team.

I've also had one or two friends express interest, as have friends of Ray, Brandon, Jay, and most recently Richard's girlfriend.

So a couple of questions for everyone:

1) How much at arm's length should future GM candidates be? I know that we decided not to give Red a team after Butch left, as he is Scoop's son. Should this affect Richard's girlfriend? Is she too close to one of the other team members to be included?

2) How do we deal with replacing GMs in the future, should something like this arise again? Should we start a waiting list with rights of first refusal? For example, if Bert Magillicutty is determined to be next on the waiting list, he gets rights of first refusal. If he decides he doesn't want the team, it then falls to the second person on the list.

Another alternative would be to pull from a list of eligible GMs and then draw a name from a hat. More random and perhaps more fun.

Would love to hear everyone's thoughts.

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Fire & Fury


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BeitragThema: Re: Replacing Keegan   26.04.10 15:36

I think that maybe a random selection of names submitted is best. That would give all those who are interested an equal chance and no member would have more of an influence over who is included over any other member. I'm sure the members are nominating candidates that they think are WORTHY of being included in our league. We no longer have to contend with anyone like our old pal Butch, only Gregger now. Just kidding my friend. Nor do I think any of our members would want to include someone like him. Like Butch I mean.

So, a random selection seems unbiased and fair and equitable in my opinion.
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Desolation Row

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BeitragThema: Re: Replacing Keegan   26.04.10 17:43

Hi Kids. I will make this fast as I have to poop.

Love the idea of a waiting list for any future openings in our glorious league.
Love the idea of a random selection.

As Matt mentioned above, in this case, we will give John first crack at Keegan's roster. He will get back to me within 24 hours.

Love to all.
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BeitragThema: Re: Replacing Keegan   27.04.10 18:01

From now on I wouldn't mind a randomness factor in it. Sounds like a good tool to have. But before someone is considered for the draw I think we should evaluate who we are putting in the pool. Obviously if a person is being refered to us by a fellow GM than we can take his word on it and go from there.

My only problem with new GMs is that there are always other GMs who seem to greatly benefit from the new arrival. When I join an existing league I get emails from everyone with the most bogus trade offers and rip jobs. I've also seen new GMs come in and trade a golden player for a bucket of crap. The deal might look good for in the eyes of the new guy but in reality its because he hasn't factored in positional requirements, extra stats, prospect limitations or number of keeper slots. In my league I've implemented a rule where new GMs cannot make a trade for the first 14 days. This is so that the new guy can read the rules and get a grasp of the league's finer details before commiting to a trade. I think this should be done here as well.
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BeitragThema: Re: Replacing Keegan   27.04.10 19:14

I'm a big fan of the 14 day lag as well - it's been helpful in other leagues I have been a part of as well.

The random draw would also get my vote for preferred system.
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Fitzsy Stars


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BeitragThema: Re: Replacing Keegan   27.04.10 21:59

Yeah, those all sound like good ideas. I know what you mean when you mention the bogus trade offers. I joined an existing keeper league last fall and was immediately sent a whole plethora of obscene trade offers.

I think at least a seven-day wait period is in order, perhaps even fourteen days.
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BeitragThema: Re: Replacing Keegan   

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Replacing Keegan
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