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 Dog days of summer!

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BeitragThema: Dog days of summer!   03.08.10 14:30

Being an avid baseball fan growing up in Elmhurst Queens NY, the middle of the summer brought about the long, hot, hazy days of summer. These days were commonly referred to as the "dog days of summer". If you can get through those difficult, boring and tough days and you were still in the hunt then you considered yourself over the hump. You got your second wind because the end was near. The goal was in sight and in reach.

But here I will be taken on a different concept on the dog days of summer, not because I will be getting my first dog ever; a Corgi named Cabo from my niece, but because considering all the terrible trades and signings this summer, I found myself the need to vent about the "dog players of summer".

Whilst on vacation(still trying to figure out how to post pictures on here), I had no desire to read, hear or watch anything news related, even if it pertained to hockey. This was my chance to recharge the batteries so to speak. Being that I am on the other side of 50 now, I'm sure that saying will take on a whole new meaning once some of my body parts will be operated by battery power. But lets not get off on a tangent here. When I turned on my laptop and bolted right to the website, I saw that the Rangers, not the baseball Texas Rangers, but the New York Rangers signed Alexander Frolov, one of the Dogs, if not the top dog of hockey. What are they thinking? Is Glen Sather senile already? Todd White? Perry White for all you Superman aficionados might have been a better option. But, hey, he did manage to dispose of Donald Brashear, one of the dogs from last summer. How will Frolov and White improve the Rangers when the time that they will use up would have better benefitted young pups like Derek Stepan, Chris Kreider or even Evgeny Grachev.

Or where is the trade for Kris Versteeg, or Dan Hamhuis or Lars Eller? Where are the Rangers going with this? Tell me Glen, what the F*&% is going on? Do you have any idea of how to steer the boat. UGH!

But, I will be welcoming my wonderful dog of this summer soon. Cabo will be a great addition to the family/team and he will make all of us better by his inclusion. Not that I can say the same for Frolov and the Rangers. Cabo will help me get through this and I hope that he can find a place in his heart to forgive me by making him watch the Rangers play this winter.

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BeitragThema: Re: Dog days of summer!   04.08.10 8:49

Great post Ray! Keep them coming!

Hi to Cabo!
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Dog days of summer!
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