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 Randy Duncan visits the McKee's!

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Arthur Tigers SCOOPnRED


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BeitragThema: Randy Duncan visits the McKee's!   15.10.10 13:44

Wooooooo whoooooo!

The McKee household now has it's copy (autographed!) of HE SHOOTS... HE SKEWERS!

Randy Duncan (and Matt) dropped in on Wednesday evening for an exchange of wisdom and visions! (Whizz couldn't make it, he was passed out under a table down at Upchuck Snorris' Bar).

They are out on tour at the moment promoting the book!

With this new and vast exchange of knowledge.... you fellows better look out!

The book is wonderful too! I've got my fingers crossed that it's the popular book for DAD this Christmas. It's perfect decoration/entertainment for Dad's hockey viewing lounge! (Easy boy chair, 42" TV, beer fridge, coffee table & HE SHOOTS... HE SKEWERS!

Thanks for dropping in Matt!
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Fitzsy Stars


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BeitragThema: Re: Randy Duncan visits the McKee's!   18.10.10 23:15

Hey Scoop,

You're welcome my friend. We had a really good visit with you, too!

Glad you're enjoying the book. We're pretty excited about it. There's really nothing out there that's quite like it, eh?

We're in the Maritimes right now. Randy is on Breakfast Television in Halifax tomorrow morning. It's been hard to keep up on emails (and fantasy hockey) this week Smile

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Randy Duncan visits the McKee's!
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