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 Need help doing a survival league for next season

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BeitragThema: Need help doing a survival league for next season   21.10.10 3:08

Much like the NFL pools do, I have been wanting to do a "Survival league" for a few years where you pick a few teams to win a game each week and if you pick one wrong team to win you are out for the season, last man standing wins the cash. I have a gambling group of friends that would be into this but I wanted to make sure there aren't an screw ups.

What I am thinking is that each team picks 2 games a week, and chooses 2 teams to win. The following week they cannot pick the same team and by the 15th of november each season they can't pick against a team that places in the last two positions of each conference if the opposition sits higher than 4 places above them in the standings.

Do you guys think this is feasable?
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Need help doing a survival league for next season
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