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 Phase One: The Draft

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How do we want to handle our September Draft?
1. Live Draft starting on the 23rd or 24th of September.
 0% [ 0 ]
2. Slow Draft starting on September 1st - ish.
 44% [ 4 ]
3. Combo Draft with the Live portion starting either on the 23rd or 24th of September and the Slow draft to be completed the following week.
 56% [ 5 ]
4. None of the above damn it!
 0% [ 0 ]
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Arthur Tigers SCOOPnRED


Number of posts : 1354
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Location : Arthur, Ontario
Registration date : 27.08.08

BeitragThema: Re: Phase One: The Draft   29.06.11 11:01

Just got thinking. We played SSM in lacrosse at a tournament a couple weeks back. Arthur vs. the Soooooooooo! To my knowledge these two towns have never crossed paths before. For many years, when I was at the Arthur Newspaper, I had a map on a wall. Whenever Arthur played someone for the first time, I put a pin in the map. Once a hockey team played the #1 team from Pittsburgh in Silver Stick. Pittsburgh beat us by a goal.

So, Arthur vs. The Soo! We crushed 'em! (I think this is the first year for lacrosse in SSM). They didn't have much luck with anyone.

As long as I'm yacking about lacrosse. Last week we were in Kitchener. With 4 seconds remaining in the game and the score tied 4-4, Josh got the ball.

TIME OUT. There are 3.9 seconds remaining on the clock.

Huddle at our bench. Our goalie ran down the floor and stood infront of their goalie. BIG SCREEN. Josh had the ball at centre. He took about four steps and let it rip from at least 80 feet. Our goalie jumps out of the way as the ball goes by. It found the net. We win 5-4! Although just a regular season game, it looked like we had won a championship!

Minor sports can be fun!

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Fire & Fury


Number of posts : 2609
Age : 58
Location : Middle Village, New York
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BeitragThema: Re: Phase One: The Draft   29.06.11 14:53

Always love to hear stories like this! Someone had the presence of mind, knowledge of the game and risk/reward management skills to take a chance like that and have it actually work is simply ingenius!

Congrats on the win! And bravo on the way it was obtained!

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Fitzsy Stars


Number of posts : 3592
Location : Vancouver, BC
Registration date : 21.08.08

BeitragThema: Re: Phase One: The Draft   10.07.11 21:03

Very nice Scoop! Fun, fun, fun. Congrats to both you and Red for the BIG win!

I am not launching a new book this fall, so the idea of a slow draft may be more feasible than last year. I tend to launch a new book every couple of years, so next year might be tough to do a slow draft again. Like Greg, I am an advocate of the live draft, but to please everybody perhaps we can switch it up every now and again. A combo draft is also appealing, though perhaps we could do the live draft in mid September (when Scoop has a better chance of being available) and then finishing it off with a slow draft over the next couple of weeks.
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Desolation Row

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Location : Chur, CH
Registration date : 21.08.08

BeitragThema: Re: Phase One: The Draft   20.07.11 3:00

And now a Summary:

Although the vote stands at 5-4 in favour of the combo draft, both Brandon and Jarrett have indicated that they support a slow draft format this season in light of what Scoop posted on the subject.

Therefore, it is with great excitement that I announce that our draft will begin on September 1st and it will be a Slow Draft format.

Not too slow I hope mind you.
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BeitragThema: Re: Phase One: The Draft   

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Phase One: The Draft
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